4 Amazing Foods Protect You From Breast Cancer

4 Amazing Foods Protect You From Breast Cancer

foods protect you from breast cancer

It is unfortunate that 1 in every 4 woman has breast cancer nowadays. Many research and studies have gone into this epidemic in order to understand the vital reason behind and found out the foods protect you from breast cancer. As per National Breast Cancer Foundation, this is caused due to the damage to a cell’s DNA.

One of the leading breast cancer specialist Dr. Sahni says “breast cancer has become prominent all around the world, within last one decade”.

Breast Cancer must be treated at the very initial stage or else it paves way to further deteriorating the illness. It is neither spread or passed from one person to another at the touch of skin or stimulated in that manner, nor is it caused by microwave, cell phones and caffeines. However, there are ample of foods and vegetables in the market in order to prevent this deadly disease from effecting an individual.

4 amazing foods protect you from breast cancer

1. Broccoli: An important component of this vegetable is ‘sulforaphane’. Boiling broccoli kills it’s good nutrients and it’s essential to consume it raw or to saute it with butter in order to cater the taste buds. Broccoli is beneficial not only garnering goodness with much of immunity but also provides as mentioned earlier the much needed resistance power in order to combat cancer emanating cells. A study by University of Michigan proved that Broccoli did world of goodness on mice by reducing the cancer stemming cells.

2. Fish: Fishes like Salmon, tuna, sardines or taking fish oil for a good span of 10 years reduces ductal carcinoma which is mostly found in breast cancer. It is also recommended due to it’s composition of omega 3 fat which reduces the inflammation which further more reduces chances of breast cancer. Fish must be consumed if not regularly at least once in a week in order to keep the probability of falling for breast cancer at bay. It is advised to make the preparation by virgin oil than any other oil as even if barbecuing it one can peacefully consume it.

3. Virgin Olive Oil: Indian households are more used to cooking food with cooking oil than olive oil. Although the concept is changing now with passing days and much of the people suffering from illness across all ages. According to cardiologist Dr N N Khanna virgin oil has goodness of oleic acid and anti oxidants which reduces the growth of such cells.

4. Parsley: It comprises of apigenin, a component that provides resistance to the cancer pertaining tumours. Parsley is rich in flavonoid and vitamins that enables the body to fight the bacteria’s. Parsley is mostly incorporated in an Indian cuisine in the final and later stage of garnishing. It must be extensively used with making it as puree and other ways of interesting ways of including it in the meals.

Aforementioned foods must be taken in order to prevent oneself from falling under breast cancer. Breast cancer specialist even claim that part of our lifestyle too is blameworthy in women suffering from it. Women in mid 30s lose interest in working out and perhaps giving way to n number of illness. Even the consumption of junk food is one of the big factors in increase in the epidemic.