10 Ways How Sex Can Help Your Health!

10 Ways How Sex Can Help Your Health!


‘Sex’ has got so many colors and moods to it. The most pleasure giving activity ever known to humankind. Sex can sometimes do blunders, but most of the time it works wonders! The way it establishes and then nurtures a bond between two people is totally unique in it’s own way! Sex can be intense, immense, full of romance and sometimes an offense! But it is an offense only in some rare cases, not otherwise.

 But how about if you get to know that ‘having sex’ can be a lot similar as doing exercise regularly to stay healthy. Well, yes that’s true! In fact, sex can keep you healthy in more than one way i.e influences your physical health, your mental health, your emotional balance etc. Let us have a look at those ten ways by which ‘sex’ tends to affect your overall body health.

Sex combats stress:-

The theory here to prove that sex combats stress, is no rocket science but simple and purely logical. Anything that gives you pleasure, joy or ecstasy in any manner is surely going to combat your stress and enhance your low mood. Females, who obtain orgasm from males are even more lighter on mood every time they obtain it. It gives them a feeling of happiness and belongingness, hence countering the stress.

Nourishes your sleep:- Now, that you have experienced the holistic pleasure and feel satisfied and relieved with stress, you tend to sleep longer. You feel calm, contented and composed. The release of oxytocin makes it happens. Having believed that you are loved by someone and that you are worth being with, gives you emotional satisfaction, making you feel like resting and stagnating for sometime. This enhances the quantity and the quality of your sleep. Which in turn is very good for your skin, hairs, digestive system and overall body health.

Burns Calories:-

Sex can be wondrous while cutting on your calorie content. The more intense and immense sex is, the more calories it will burn. Every time you have sex, it is reported that you burn 50 to 100 calories. Two people, when go all intimate, tends to exchange vibes, aura, energy, breath, sweat and much more. This contact and exchange between them urges their bodies to burn on some calories. However this does not mean that sex can make you go down from 36 inches to 26 inches or so.But yes, it surely affects your overall state of body weight.

Helps to keep a healthier sperm count in men:Having sex often is reportedly believed to maintain a healthy sperm count in men. Men who have more of sex have healthy semen, as compared to those who do not have it quite often. This happens because a healthy cycle is maintained in men, who tend to have sex often. This cycle enables them to keep in form!

Lowers the risk of cancer:-

And this is common in both the cases of men and women. Men who often have sex, that is those who ejaculate for around 21 times a month are lower on the risk of acquiring prostrate cancer as compared to those men who do not do it often.

In women, it lowers the risk of breast cancer.. The cuddly and cozy movements during sex that involves breasts, tends to lowers the risk of breast cancer in women.

Beautifies our appearance:-

Having sex makes our skin glow, nails harder, hairs stronger, acne reduced and keeps us hydrated. All of this happens due to the sex triggered hormones that are released during the sexual intercourse. Sex accelerates the overall blood circulation in our body, sweat removes toxins and other dirt particles from our body hence making the skin glow.

Lowers our blood pressure:-It has been found that people who have just had an intercourse tend to remain low on blood pressure, low on nervousness and high in spirits. Blood pressure, which is an immediate result to increased stress is lowered along with the stress levels coming down.

Kills the pain:-Oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone is meant to kill the pain, especially the headaches. It has been found that sex helps in healing injuries and other skin blemishes.

Strengthens Immunity:-people who have sex once or twice a week tends to boost heir immune systems. Regular sex increases levels of the antibody immunoglobin, which means greater immune resistance.

Keeps heart’s health high:-Men, who have regular sex are less likely to develop bad heart conditions by 45 percent according to a study. Heart’s health is largely affected by regular performance of sex.

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