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Lifestyle & Stress Relief

Lifestyle & Stress Relief
Health Benefits of Giloy

Health Benefits of Giloy Ayurvedic Herb

Giloy is a wonderful herb that provides many health benefits. It is popularly used in ancient Ayurvedic systems. Here are some Amazing health benefits...

Saving Money While Living With Roommates

Living with roommates can be particularly challenging and very few go for it by choice. Living alone gives you an exhilarating feeling of freedom...
Benefits of waterbeds

Work hard, Unwind on a Waterbed !!

In the early 1800s, to alleviate patient bedsores, Dr. Neil Arnot created a 'hydrostatic bed' by covering a warm bath with India-rubber cloth and...

Best Foods to Improve Your Memory Power

Human Memory is the most complex living structure in the Universe.  The human memory is made up of lots of several network cells, for...

Nervous Breakdown, When Stress & Anxiety Transcends Its Limit

When a thread is stretched more than its limit, it breaks down after an extent. Similarly, when the level of stress in humans, rises...

5 Simple Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain & Injury

Knee pain is troubling 1 in every 4 woman. Every individual suffering from this menace has tried every resort from medicinal to that of...

Love & Lust Recedes When in ‘Depression’-Modern Day Monster for Health

Love And Lust Depression in itself, is both an easy and quite a vague term to understand. The 'theory of individualization' is prevalent among the youths...

How To Fight Against Depression Problem

What is Depression: Depression has negative impact on emotional and physical self. Depression is caused due to prolonged sadness. A depressed person feels helpless, anxious,...

How To Fight Against Stress

Stress is a pressure on mind caused due to mental and emotional strain. It arises due to unavoidable and adverse circumstances.  Body’s reaction towards...
when should a guy kiss a girl


You might deny having a massage done earlier, but you can surely not deny getting one in the future. And if that too is...



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