How To Make Beautiful Eye Make Up

How To Make Beautiful Eye Make Up


Eye makeup can help you to define your eye perfectly. Do you wonna get natural and dramatic look ? Here are some basic step that can help you to find out an absolutely unique look. These processes can learn you the key secret that can apply every day to look stunning for a special occasion. To get beautiful eye look, you need to know the proper application of eye makeup. These useful skills that can both impress your peers as well as help you look and feel your best.

Step 1: Basic Technique :


Be ready with a clean slate. Clean your whole face with a gentle cleanser before you start, giving particular attention to any leftover eyeliner or mascara. If you have problem cleaning residual eye makeup, try to utilize regular lotion or cold water on a cotton swab. If you are suffering from eczema or have dry skin around your eyes, massage with a little moisturizer underneath your eyes, and your temples and between the outer corners of your eyes. Do not use moisturizer on your eyelids, because this will create them greasy, and the makeup you use will flow away.

Use primer to your eyelids. Primer or base helps to smooth out your skin. It also delivers the makeup something to stick to. If you decide to apply primer, use it all over your eyelid as well as up to the brow bone.

Step 2: Even out the skin tone around your eyes :


Use concealer to make dark under-eye circles and to the portion where your inner eye reaches your nose. To blend the makeup outward to your nose and cheekbones, your fingers or a concealer brush. Set the concealer by brushing a loose or flesh-toned powder over it. Also use some powder to your eyelids to get better look.

Step 3: Apply Eye Shadow :


You can apply one color or several its up to you. Here’s a basic three-color plan. Apply a medium color on your eyelid. Your eyelid is the area running from your eyelashes to your crease. Choose a medium light brown, pink or any other middle-of-the-road hue for this particular part.

Use a light color on your brow bone. Most people have a portion of their brow bone that makes beneath the eyebrows proper. You have to just highlight this area and create more light bounce off of it by brushing on a light gold, pearly off-white or other delicate color that suits your eyelid color in tone.

Use a dark color on your crease. Apply light, little strokes to put little bits of darker powder on the crease of your eye. Strat doing from the outer corner of your crease as well as follow the arch about 2/3 of the way in toward the inner corner of the eye. Use a brown, violet or other dark color that goes with the first two colors you applied.

Step 4: Blend the colors :


If you used more than one color of eye shadow, use a fluffy or your fingers, tapered blending brush to blend the colors a bit. This will make a more natural and cohesive look.

Step 5: Use eyeliner :


You can apply either liquid eyeliner and a liner pencil, or even wet eye shadow on an angled brush to line your eyes. Whatever you choose, pass over your upper lash line in tiny, controlled strokes as if you are making a dotted line. Go back and make it proper in the blanks with more small strokes. To make more dramatic eyes, high light your lower lashes as well.

Step 6: Curl your lashes :


Choose and utilize an eyelash curler to grip your upper lashes. You just need to hold the clamp for 5 seconds. Accessing your lashes become easiest if you half-close your eyes. You need to curl your eye lashes before you use mascara and do not curl it after applying mascara.

Step 7: Use mascara :


You can use a little or a lot. There are various brands as well as formulas for length, definition and volume. Choose a product you are happy with. Start doing it at the base of your upper lashes and slowly brush off upward. Use mascara to the lower lashes to get more dramatic eyes. If you wish to use multiple coats, apply it while the first coats of mascara remains still wet. Applying a new coat to dry mascara will cause in clumps.

Step 8: Now you are ready with beautiful eye make up :


To make best combination, apply light make up on your face and lipstick. Be ready with your cloths and shoes and rock on the floor. Eye make up is the vital part of make up that gives you stunning and attractive look. If you are ready with beautiful eye make up, then you get more stunning look and extra confident.

Never forget your eye make up before you go outside either for office or for party and some special occasion. It gives you classy look all the time!