How To Handle A Hot Head BOSS

How To Handle A Hot Head BOSS


Managers are self made. Some are mature, create history, some mentor you, coach you, punish you, nurture you …Just to get best out of you..and some are just opposite of this. And if your BOSS knows how to get inject the tension into you. If you are among those members who are struggling daily to manage your BOSS.

Here are some tips that can help you :

1. Make It Comfortable :


 If you accept the challenge initially, its better to accept that your boss is hotheaded or some times behaves childish…Better to decrease your expectation. Do your work smartly and efficiently.

2. Take a Deep Breath :


To manage the difficult boss… keep yourself calm and cool. In the same situation you cannot argue with your boss. Take a break and walk. Think about other things than work.

3. Do Not Respond Immediately :


 To become a better manager, you need to be cool and take ample time to respond in the right direction. Do not respond back to your manager at the same time. Do not indulge yourself in the fight or some hot argument. this may lead to the knot in your relationship with your HOD. This may affect your long term goal with the company.

 4. Wait, Until The Things Get Cool :

Your manager tantrum will automatically and gradually decrease with time. These are not personal. So, keep your response normal and neutral.

5. Your Interpersonal Skills And Your Sense Of Humor :


 Sometimes, these ballistic managers looks like idiot, when they are yelling at you and you started creating an aroma to make things smooth and light.

6. Give feedback :


 Once he gets normal and starts taking things normally. You must give feedback to him time to time. But, don’t forget that all the managers are not good human beings. Differentiate them..Some will listen, some will ignore and few will start applying.

7. The HR Round :


 If things are still not moving in right frame. Then better to have a word with your HR. Situation needs a HR.

8. If Still Not Happening, Then Get Out Of There :



Hard situations, tough environment, abusive hotheaded boss, then better to look for a change in a professional organization.

Keep your head cool all the time. Always think logically and positively that can help you to stay active and handle the running problem.