Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Hair Loss Causes and Treatments


We often come across individuals who have baldness or short of hair even in tender and young age which is unruly and beyond one’s understanding and control. As your life isn’t stressful enough to make the matters worse hair loss deteriorates the well being of a person. Hair loss is a highly exacerbating problem that can be dealt with if worked upon well in time. Under nourishment and unhealthy hair leads to breakage of hair and split ends. Hair loss is a disease that lowers your confidence drastically and leaves you with no psyche to lead life happily. We often come across bald men who are diffident due to this inevitable problem. Hair loss is also known as alopecia. It can be the result of severe medication and heredity. Baldness refers to the hair loss from scalp. Hair loss is a biological phenomenon that can’t be dealt with until and unless you seek medicinal consultation or go in for artificial hair transplant.

There are various reasons that fall in place as root cause of hair loss which are as follows:

  • Drastic weight loss : One of the prominent reason in hair loss is due to drastic weight loss. Weight loss refers to losing on all the vital components like vitamins, proteins etc. When a person loses weight that is unnatural and due to internal imbalance and severe diseases it even affects the hair. Diseases like cancer and dreaded ailments even screws up your immune system immensely.
  • Male pattern of baldness : Male pattern of baldness is a significant root cause of hair related to genes and male sex hormones. It follows a pattern of decreasing hairline and hair on the crown or crux. It is even caused due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Emotional stress : Hair loss is often perpetrated due to emotional stress. Emotional turmoil does not go down well with your body. All the essential components of the body go hay-wired when a person goes through enough emotional suffering.
  • Anaemia : Deficiency of iron is a major cause of hair loss in individuals. Women especially can vividly distinguish this suffering with heavy periods and pain, heart pounding uncontrollably etc. People dont get sufficient amount of nutritious diet intake which in turn results in protein deprivation.
  • Full hair body loss : Hair body loss is seen throughout the body but it is significantly witnessed on your head. This hair loss is biological as well as due to external factors such that dust, pollution etc.
  • Medical conditions: Like thyroid problems, alopecia areata and scalp infection are some of the factors responsible for hair loss. Skin diseases such as lichen planus also is one of the crucial factors in losing hair tremendously. These factors have been generally seen in women folks than men.
  • Emotional stress and depression : Many youngsters nowadays are prone to hair loss due to changing lifestyle and ever increasing stress. Times have changed and the best example of it is changing relationships and equation within family and friends. Emotional stress leads to innumerable problems nervous breakdown further leading to hair loss as hair is one of the most vulnerable part of the body that gets easily affected with change in water or air. Problems like meeting never ending deadlines, massive weight loss, high fever or death in the family causes huge trauma to an individual and finds it difficult to get out of the loop.
  • Lack of nutrition : Lack of nutrition is one of the crucial shortcoming of hair loss. Celebrated dermatologist Dr. Ahmed Zaheer of Max Health-care asserts that lack of protein and nutrition paves way to exasperating illness of hair loss. Hair loss is something that has all its connection with the diet intake. Hair needs lots of proteins in order to grow healthy and fully nourished.
  • Age : It is another determining factor that leads to significant hair loss. Hair loss treatments are also carried at this age, because at this age hair growth slows down due to hormonal imbalances, excessive stress and imbalanced diet.

Treatments for hair loss are as following:

  • Dietary supplements that are high in protein foster hair growth significantly. The hair growth that helps in reducing the hair loss tremendously and generation of new hair with more smoothness and growth.
  • Castor oil helps in gaining your locks back in much great volume and health.
  • Hair growth supplements gives hair rejuvenation and helps the follicle to grow with all nourishment necessary for the growth. Capsules and tablets are comprises of Vitamin A, C, E , biotin and iodine.
  • Pilatory spray is simple and easy to use with easy application . It has recently made its market with an increase in its demand among consumers of all range. According to hair experts all over the globe pilatory spray.
  • Seacod capsules does a world of good in growing hair that are long lost or losing out the nourishment.
  • Hair transplant is another crucial treatment that although asks handsome amount of investment but guarantees good grown hair by and large. This process has many takers nowadays because of its applicability and longevity to a great extent.

Hence, in order to gain back those locks the above mentioned are few easy to do steps and must knows in order to prevent much of hair loss. According to dermatologists worldwide hair loss can be dealt with appropriate treatment and medicine timely with single focused treatment in place than going in for multiple treatments simultaneously and all going futile.