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Latest / Trending

5 Ways to Dress the Best When You Are Overweight

A little extra flab hanging from the sides and peeping from behind the clothes does not really look so cool. Your skin fitted attires...

Various Types Of Piercing That You Should Know

Body piercing is a kind of “self gratification” which gives unasked attention from all quarters and at times cynical too. It makes you stand...

Absurd Portrayal Of Women In Media

Starry looks, shortest possible clothes, highest of heels, weirdest of songs, sometimes smallest of roles and a whole lot of make-up, defines a woman's...

5 Must Haves For Girls This Summer

Summers are here to stay and in this summer one has to be extra careful to fight the hard sun with all the must...

How To Make Beautiful Eye Make Up

Eye makeup can help you to define your eye perfectly. Do you wonna get natural and dramatic look ? Here are some basic step...



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