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Find latest Beauty Tips for Face, skin, Hair and makeup samples, cosmetics and homemade beauty care tips.

How Cucumber Enhances Your Beauty? – Cucumber Makes You Look Naturally Beautiful

Whether it is for the women or let it be for the men for that matter, beauty is one of the prime concern for...

Top 5 Ways To Develop Poise

Poise is graceful and elegant bearing composure in a person also a dignity of manner. In order to develop this quality within yourself first...
Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Nail Care Tips and Tricks For All Season

a“Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look". Just imagine someone with a beautiful, radiant face but dry, filthy...

History of Ice Bucket Challenge : Famous People Who Dared

Ice Bucket Challenge is also known as ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In this activity, one discards the bucket full of ice water on anothers...

5 Tips For Smooth And Sexy Skin

“Your skin is where your sex appeal lies.” In keeping our body slim and svelte and much desirable we miss out on giving the skin...

8 Natural Beauty Products Catch From Your Kitchen

Human body and skin are the unique creation of nature. There is nothing ‘ugly’ in this world among nature’s invention. The judgment of grades...

8 Easy Steps To Get Natural Pink Lips

Gorgeous pink lips are an arresting facial countenance particularly for girls and women. Yet many ladies suffer from dull, drab, discolored, parched lips which...
4 way to build self-confidence

Fast 4 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an appealing combination of self-efficacy and self-esteem.It is an essential part of an individuals respect and dignity. Self-efficacy is the internal sense...
benefits of meditation

Yoga- Not Just Meditation But the Real Happiness

The virtual meaning of Yoga in Sanskrit is ÔÇÿto listen an art or practice of listening to your body. Yoga was developed first in...


A look at one's shoes immediately fetches you a whole personality description of that person. Shoes are one thing that never go unnoticed and...



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