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Nurturing Wellness!!! Having catered successfully to the healthcare industry forover 55 years, Healthgenie.in is a forward integration of the Grover Group's GST Corporation Limited, which is recognized for its perpetual evolution and growth. Headquartered in New Delhi, Healthgenie.in was found by Manu Grover.

World Cancer Day – Raising awareness on cancer

World Cancer Day Occurring under the slogan 'Not past us', World Cancer Day 2015 took a positive and proactive way to deal with the...

Zika Virus: Cause of Microcephaly

A generally new mosquito-borne infection is inciting overall concern due to a disturbing association with a neurological conception issue and the fast spread of...

How To Dress Stylishly At Work

Work clothing is a precarious subject. While there are a couple general guidelines for office dressing, it truly relies on upon where you work....

Republic Day Special 2016

Republic Day 2016 in India would be commended on 26th January. This would be the 67th Republic Day festivity yet to be commended come...

Health & Fitness Resolution Plan for This New Year

As the end of the year approaches, we all are ready with our resolutions list. And in that list, we all do have one...

What is Super Condom : How it Protects from HIV

Latest trending phenomenon taking the internet by storm is "Super Condom". A super condom containing anti-HIV characteristics while providing sexual pleasure at the same...

The History of Christmas : A Jolting Epiphany

The word "Christmas" itself is filled with such joy and festive spirit. As much as it is a fun-filled, joyous and gift-giving affair but,...

How does treadmill help you to lose weight

Stupefying, isn’t it? That even a single exercise machine can help you lose weight without much ado. And what’s more, is that it doesn't...

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY- Every Human Has Rights

WHAT DO WE UNDERSTAND BY 'HUMAN RIGHTS'? Human Rights are the rights that every human is entitled to since its birth. They are equal for...

How to choose right digital weighing scale for home

A healthy and fit body is the trend these days. There are gyms and yoga classes opening up as more people are opting for...

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