5 Ways To Make Your Workplace A funplace

5 Ways To Make Your Workplace A funplace


Well, this article is for those who work in a private office for more than 6 hours a day and have started feeling the monotony in their lives. People who are lucky enough to have a fun workplace can still get away with the monotonous regime, but what about those who were unlucky enough to get a mundane atmosphere at workplace as well. Well, here are some tips that you can adapt to at your workplace in order to make your workplace, a fun place.

1. Build A Rapport:


Well, you must be thinking that what is new in it? Building a rapport is something everyone tells you to do and also, you yourself know it very well. But wait, do not misunderstand the term ‘build a rapport’. It does not necessarily mean to befriend everyone around you. Rather, what we mean here is that you must carve an image for yourself in other people’s mind. Be a bit charismatic and magnetic so that you need not go and befriend everyone, but others will come to you to be friends with you.

Carve a space of yourself where only, you live your way and work your way. Be different from the rest so that you attract them in a way and they feel intrigued about what sort of a personality you are. Be the best in your work, so that people admire you and your work. This way people will automatically come closer to you and become friends and once you befriend everyone else, workplace will be fun.

2. Take Some ‘We’ Time Out :


While you work, take frequent breaks and go out to breathe in some fresh air. Take along some friends and have chit chats while you can have tea or something. Such mini breaks that gets you a good time tends to boost you up and keep you in spirits to work better. Also, you can get up from your seat after it has been a while since you were glued to it, and wander to other desks to have a light fun filled chit chat.

3. Eat Out Sometimes:


Sometimes let your traditional lunch box take a back seat and together order something unconventional from outside. Order pizzas, burgers and what so ever you like and have the meal within your workplace with your colleagues. This way you will have a good time and get to bond over the delicious meals. A fun filled time will await you every time you decide to order from out and have some fun. Also, you can often go out if some good food joint is nearby.

4. Celebrate Birthdays By Pooling Money:

Celebrate your colleagues birthdays by pooling money together, so that you have a good amount to spend and also a large group to enjoy the celebration. Order a cake and other things and just go on to celebrate that person’s birthday. Almost one celebration a month will surely fall in your kitty and you can have that good time, each time it falls.

5. Initiate A Fun Rule :


To make your workplace a fun place, initiate a fun rule. Now you must be thinking what a fun rule is? Well, by this we mean, a rule that is fun to follow. For example you can set dress colour codes for each working day and then request all your colleagues to follow it and if they wont, they can always be punished in fun ways. Or maybe you can initiate a rule such as, who so ever comes the last will have to follow what others will tell him to do. Now you may ask him to exchange your broken chair with his sturdy one or what so ever.

Keep initiating and changing such fun rules so that there’s always a fun element present at your workplace.