5 Ways to Dress the Best When You Are Overweight

5 Ways to Dress the Best When You Are Overweight


A little extra flab hanging from the sides and peeping from behind the clothes does not really look so cool. Your skin fitted attires tends to even emhance the overall look and shape of the hanging flab. Even your best of dresses, when worn looks weird. So, how to find an appropriate attire for yourself? How to know what will suit you the best? Here are some tips for you that you can keep in mind while you shop clothes for your overly sized body.

1. The correct fabric for you :


If you have that extra flab hanging from the sides, then you must realize the need to choose the correct fabric that will well fit your body. Generally, people who are a bit overweight must avoid fabric which is skin tight or stretchable. Wearing fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, georgette and crepe makes your body shape look compact and leaner. Pairing shirts/top made of any of these fabrics with a denim will do for your look. You must preferably go for the above fabrics.

2. The correct attire for you :


Now, if you are bulkier from the upper half of your body and leaner from the lower half, then you can choose to wear loose cotton tops, t-shirts, or shirts with pants, jeans , capris or even shorts. Having a leaner lower half can be an advantage. You can always show off your fine legs while you hide the rest. Sexy legs are always adding to your look. However if your lower half is bulkier than your upper half, then you must choose to wear floor length flowy skirts along with fitted tops and shirts. Wearing a flowy skirt will camouflage your overly sized thighs and bulky calves. You can also wear short skirts if you have better calves. Also, wearing salwar kurtis or kurtis with leggings will balance your overall look making you look leaner than earlier.

3. The correct shape of your clothes :


If you are that little heavier and bulkier, then you must know which particular types of shapes of clothes are going to suit you the best. For example, clothes that are A- shaped i.e anarkali kurtis, flowy skirts or gowns that are A-shaped from just below the chest are good choices. Clothes that are narrow at the up and broader towards the down can help you look fitter.

4. The correct little alterations :


If you have bulky upper arms then you must avoid sleeveless tops and kurtis. Also, you must go for boat neck tops that tends to expose the area just below the neck till the very extremes of both of your shoulders. This makes your arms look leaner. Also, wearing off shoulders can work wonders if the off shoulder is with sleeves.
If you have a little bulged belly, then you must avoid wearing long length tight tops and rather go for short loose tops/shirts or again A-shaped anarkali tops and kurtis.

5. The little incorrect choices :


The little mistakes that you make might ruin your complete look. Therefore you must be careful while dressing up.

  • Take special care while accessorising yourself.
  • Do not wear a broad belt if you have a belly or that extra flab around your stomach.
  • Do not wear heavy chunk jewelry if you are too overweight or over sized from chest.
  •  Also, avoid wearing boots, if you have a smaller height and heavier body.

Keep these little things in mind and choose the best to look the best!