5 Things That Women Fantasize During Sex

5 Things That Women Fantasize During Sex


Fantasy no. 1:Being Married(if she is not!)

While an unmarried woman have sex with her partner, she often fantasizes herself to be married to him. Most women while having sex, owe their partners as their husbands. This not only increases their pleasure, but also their self esteem and their inner satisfaction. Doing it with her husband makes herself feel worthy and self assured.

Fantasy no. 2: Preparing to have kids

Now that she has already fantasized her partner to be her husband, the next thing she fantasizes is to be preparing to have kids with him or to be already having kids with her partner cum husband. Women fantasize about kids because it gives them a sense of security, deep satisfaction and a feeling that their relationship with their partner is quite strong and bonded!

Fantasy no. 3: Sex with a stranger

Woah! It might sound weird but yeah, it’s a truth! Women do fantasize about having sex with a stranger. This weird fantasy is common in women who have been with a stable partner for a long time now. A little change or an added spice is what they seek for, through this fantasy. And it’s quite natural as well.

Fantasy no. 4: Sex at all odd places

Like men, women also have such weird fantasies where in they fantasize themselves to be having sex with their partners, at all sorts of odd places. These places can be a car, a rooftop, a staircase or anything else. Women are as adventurous as men are and they like all sorts of possible variations.

Fantasy no. 5: Sex, the way it is in porn!

This fantasy is common in men and women both. Those who watch porn often fantasize themselves to be in the same situation as the porn stars were in the porn videos or pictures. Women too fantasize themselves to be like them and in the same situation as they were in. This usually happens when women are at their very high and ready to orgasm.