10 Safe Sex Methods

10 Safe Sex Methods


Sex gives you pleasure. It is a fun and enjoyment for both the partners. Relaxation. But, during sex, the minimum amount of maturity and responsibility should be maintain and followed by both the male and female, because everyone is not necessary to take a responsibility of the baby. If you are not ready for a committed relationship or marriage or want to away from sexual transmitted diseases, then you should follow and try the following safe sex methods.

10 Safe Sex Methods :

(1) Use Birth Control Sponge:

It includes spermicide and is made with plastic foam. It is soft in nature, round in shape as well as approximately two inches in diameter. It is recommended to insert into the vagina before having intercourse. It is beneficial for you and your partner, because it protects you from STD and unwanted pregnancy.

(2) Take Contraceptive Injection:

The injection is basically the combination of progesterone and testosterone hormones, which can finish the production of sperm. It plays the role of an effective and alternate birth control method without having to experience a vasectomy.

(3) Female Condoms:

Female condom is basically a long pouch or tube, similar to a male condom. It is suggested to insert into the anus or vagina, eight hours before the intercourse activity. Women’s condoms are scientifically designed and clinically approved. It is lubricated in nature. This type of condom is easy to use as well as dispose of.

(4) Vasalgel:

This gel is pushed into the tube or vas deferens that carries the sperm. The vas deferens is cut during a vasectomy, but in this case, the gel is pushed into the tube. This birth control method is reversible in nature.

(5) Diaphragm:

It is basically a shallow and dome shaped cup with a flexible rim. It is designed with silicone. When inserted in the vagina, it covers the cervix.

(6) Outercourse as Contraception:

In slang this is called as dry humping. Here you can not engage in vaginal intercourse. There is no penetration like anal, vaginal or oral.

(7) IUD :

IUD use as intrauterine device. It is a small T-shaped device that is made of flexible plastic. Usually a health care expert or a gynecologist places IUD into a woman’s uterus. It stays in effective mood for 5-12 years.

(8) Condoms as Contraception:

It is the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy problem. This is low cost and most popular option which is used to avoid pregnancy. You must be very careful and conscious about condom. You should know….how to wear and proper usage of it. Don’t put an extra pressure on condoms, it may tear the condoms, which may cause pregnancy.

(9) Sterilization:

It is the permanent way that helps you to control unwanted birth. The procedure contains blocking or closing a woman’s fallopian tub

(10) Withdrawal:

It is one of the easy contraceptive method for men. It is basically the withdrawal or pull out method, demands control at the time of ejaculation. In this method, the penis is taken out from the vagina seconds before ejaculation process.

Use Safe Sex Methods To Avoid Pregnancy & Sexual Transmitted Diseases………….Choice Is Yours!